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If you have a question, please email web.comments@hertsmereleisure.co.uk.

Are you having difficulty?

If you are experiencing a problem, please email web.comments@hertsmereleisure.co.uk with your name, membership number and a full description of your issue. Wherever possible please send us a screen print so that we can see what you are experiencing.

Are you getting an error message when trying to register?

If you are trying to register and are getting a message saying there is an error with the information you are providing, this message means that the information we have on our system is different to that which you are entering.

The most common cause is that your web browser may be set for American dates. Please try overtyping your date of birth so that it is for example: 24/12/1980 instead of 12/24/1980.

If this does not work then please email us a screen print of your page and we will check on our system for any other variations.